From established play-to-earn games like Alien Worlds to more recent additions like Star Atlas, the world of gaming has really been reinvented with blockchain technology. DeFi components and NFTs have cemented gaming as the biggest fish in the ocean of creative DeFi possibilities. You can see micro-communities in some of these games; to compete, to build and establish new virtual norms.

Play-to-Earn has opened voting for the Blockchain Game Awards 2021. With over 700 listed crypto and NFT blockchain games is the world’s largest data aggregator for blockchain games.

Users with a web3 wallet can now vote for their preferred Blockchain Games & Content Creators. The prices are determined entirely by public vote. The voting period runs from December 1st to December 22nd. The winners will be announced 2 weeks later.

The games featured in the long list include some of our favorites

Alien Worlds, for example, has taken trading cards to a whole new level. Alien Worlds had over 760,000 active users in October, making it one of the most popular play-to-earn games in the world. With their in-game token Trillium, users can now lease spaceships, explore the metaverse and take part in planetary elections.

With 150,000 registered players, Farmers World is another game that blew up in the crypto space. It uses the WAX ​​NFT platform to enable players to buy land, develop farms, and become farmers in a virtual world. Fun, educational and you can make money. What is there not to love?

Also on the list is CryptoKitties, a game that took NFTs to a whole new level. This game revolves around little collectible animals called CryptoKitties and allows users to breed and adopt kittens of all shapes and sizes – a virtual cat lover’s dream, you could say.

The prize categories at the Play2Earn Blockchain Game Awards include:

  • Best Blockchain Game 2021
  • Most anticipated blockchain game in 2022
  • Best Content Creator 2021
  • Best Content Creator National 2021
  • A trophy for the top 10 blockchain games
  • A list of the 50 best blockchain games

The top three blockchain games selected by the public will receive cash prizes.

As players spend more time in the games and buy more in-game assets, the value of the environments increases. Just last week, NFT’s one-of-a-kind land sales hit a staggering $ 86 million in the game world of The Sandbox.

Now backed by major investment firms and available to players from many emerging markets, the popularity of gambling to earn will remain. Good luck to all games, a nice little Christmas present for the winners.


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