Vodafone used VMware to automate and orchestrate all workloads running on its core networks across Europe, building on a relationship announced last year.

VMware currently offers Network Functions Virtualization for Vodafone, a capability that, according to the operator, has resulted in cost savings of around 55 percent because network functions can be brought online around 40 percent faster.

Vodafone is now planning to deploy the full VMware Telco Cloud Platform in all European markets. The operator stated that VMware’s platform will orchestrate all network functions and services in its core networks, regardless of the vendor.

Vodafone announced that its collaboration with VMware will initially focus on 5G standalone, followed by voice over internet, next generation video conferencing and virtual / augmented reality. The operator added that all of this can be orchestrated into the right network slices to suit customer needs.

The Telco Cloud Platform from VMware has already been used by Vodafone in eight of …

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