Vodafone and Google Cloud expand their strategic partnership to develop integrated data services.

As part of their new agreement, Google Cloud and Vodafone will develop a global data platform with which large amounts of data can be processed and transferred to the Internet cloud.

The integrated data platform called Nucleus will house an intelligent system called Dynamo.

With Dynamo, Vodafone’s worldwide data can be extracted and encrypted from the source to the cloud and back again, resulting in an overall improvement security. In addition, Dynamo offers consumers and businesses intelligent networking capabilities, including rapid broadband speed increases.

Together, the Nucleus and Dynamo can process around 50 TB of data per day. Vodafone and Google Cloud specialists develop both technologies in-house. Up to 1,000 employees from Spain, Great Britain and the USA are involved in the project.

Above all, the new data platform will enable Vodafone to better adapt the network rollout to consumer demand, to increase capacity …

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