Vodafone and Amazon are working together to bring UK business up to speed


Earlier this month, telecommunications and enterprise services giant Vodafone announced its new partnership with leading cloud player Amazon Web Services (AWS) to bring the much-touted edge computing capabilities to business customers in the UK.

This type of edge computing platform is making itself felt for the first time in the UK and promises the use of cutting edge developments such as Augmented Reality (AR) technology and machine learning that can be used to collect and analyze large amounts of data in bulk, thus making the Collecting and distributing business intelligence is improved.

This mass data is recorded and processed where it occurs, such as on the factory floor, on the assembly line or in the office, also called “edge” in this context. The analyzed data will then be moved to remote servers hosted in the cloud, which will bring the Amazon cloud entity AWS into the Vodafone partnership.

Vodafone …

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