Voccola addresses Datto Buy, partners respond to Kaseya Connect IT Global


Keynote speech and sessions covered emerging technologies, Kaseya acquisition and integration plans, and product strategies.

KASEYA CONNECT IT GLOBAL — Day two by Kaseya Connect IT Global 2022 Las Vegas event kicked off with another rousing keynote address from CEO Fred Voccola. Voccola covered a range of topics with a focus on the state of the MSP and SMB industry and what this means for Kaseya and its various businesses.

“SMEs drive everything,” said Voccola (pictured above). “They shake up the big boys. Businesses are scaling faster in today’s world and SMBs have transformed into a new operating model. COVID has of course accelerated this, so now more than ever there is a right place and time element for it. Business applications are transforming the SMB – they have become mission critical. That means they have to work and be safe. Businesses need enterprise-class business applications. And the people in this room are the ones doing it.”

Voccola also pointed out that budgets are not keeping up with demand these days. Partners feel the need, which means they need to do more with less. The burden is on these already overworked and overlooked IT pros.

So what’s the solution? automation, right? Yes, technician efficiency means automation that comes with integration. But integration is… not easy.

This is the reality in a heterogeneous software environment. Most integrations are difficult and end up not working. It’s hard to build something meaningful that handles the challenges that both parties have.

Compliance is coming

Another challenge, according to Voccola, is compliance. That is a big one or at least will be a big one.

“This is the next big thing on the horizon for everyone, but definitely for the middle class,” Voccola said. “The standards coming down the pike have teeth. One of the biggest forms of this will be cyber insurance policy claims.”

Voccola mentioned that customers will be able to use Kaseya’s soon Auditors service solution for it.

Mergers and a very specific acquisition

Kaseya exists to solve the above challenges for partners, Voccola said. One way to do this is to acquire companies with the appropriate skills. Being an intelligent engine and an integration source is Kaseya’s corporate strategy, according to Voccola. And Kaseya has made many acquisitions to get there. One such notable acquisition, of course, is Datto, the Channel Futures covered detailed when the announcement broke.

“No company on this planet can be organically competent — that is, no one has all the knowledge/expertise in security, compliance, RMM, backup, etc.,” Voccola said in his keynote. “These are complicated areas. So we buy companies that have expertise in these areas with best-in-class products and integrate them into our platform. We make them workflow-integrated; We now make them smart and lower the price for them. We’ve done that with every deal we’ve made. There is no difference why we buy Datto. It’s the same strategy. Datto will make us more complete and commercially integrated. Datto has amazing technologies that we will be incorporating into our platform.”

According to Voccola, the aim is to continue to solve the same problems; Datto happens to be…

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