After the open-source NVIDIA “Nouveau” driver switched to NIR by default, the VMware SVGA Gallium3D driver also landed NIR-to-TGSI support in the mainline.

Emma Anholt has led the work to remove Mesa from the old GLSL to TGSI path and have all drivers eventually go through the NIR intermediate representation, even if it means translating back to TGSI in the end. Removing GLSL-to-TGSI allows for the removal of a lot of old, poorly maintained code. That the drivers use NIR intermediate representation is also a performance win.

The final step in this quest is to enable VMware’s SVGA Gallium3D driver to request NIR and translate it to TGSI. On Wednesday, this SVGA code was merged into Mesa 22.2 to overcome this hurdle and get another step closer to GLSL-to-TGSI erasure.

While the SVGA driver has yet to rely on NIR-to-TGSI for now, VMware is working to include native NIR support in the driver. The merge request mentioned that…

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