Just days after leaving VMware as chief operating officer, Rajiv Ramaswami took over the reins as CEO of rival Nutanix in December 2020. VMware immediately sued Ramaswami for “material and persistent violations” of his legal and contractual obligations to VMware when he was courted by competitor Nutanix in late 2020.

Almost a year later, VMware has agreed to dismiss the lawsuit.

“VMware’s lawsuit was misguided and inappropriate as there was no wrongdoing on the part of Mr. Ramaswami,” Nutanix said in a statement to CRN. “VMware has agreed to dismiss the lawsuit and we are delighted that the matter has been resolved positively.”

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In a statement from VMware, the Palo Alto, Calif. Company said it had “settled their dispute over Mr. Ramaswami’s departure from VMware,” and dismissed the lawsuit.

“VMware is pleased that the matter …


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