VMware warns that new ChromeLoader variants pose a serious risk


A new report today from VMWare Inc.’s Carbon Black Managed Detection and Response Team details the rise of the prevalent ChromeLoader malware, its ongoing evolution, and the serious risk it poses to both individuals and organizations.

ChromeLoader, which was first discovered in January, is typically dropped as an .iso image of an optical disc and used to steal a user’s browser credentials, gather recent online activity, and hijack browser searches, to display ads. Several variants have surfaced since its initial detection, including a March 2022 macOS release and others such as ChromeBack and Choziosi Loader.

The researchers explain that although this type of malware is created with the intention of delivering adware to the user, ChromeLoader also increases the attack surface of an infected system. Knowing this, hackers have been observed using Chromeloader to deliver more malicious malware for other nefarious purposes.

Highlighting the evolving threat that the malware poses, a…

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