VMware (VMW) Introduces vSphere+ and vSAN+ and Expands Cloud Portfolio – June 29, 2022


Vmware (VMW Free Report) recently introduced two new solutions – vSphere+ and vSAN+ – that enable companies to take advantage of cloud infrastructure on top of their existing on-premises infrastructure.

The two new solutions offer centralized cloud-based infrastructure management, integrated Kubernetes, access to new hybrid cloud services, and a flexible subscription model without disrupting organizations’ existing workloads or hosts.

vSphere+ and vSAN+ will provide critical hybrid cloud services such as disaster recovery and ransomware protection that are often unavailable on on-premises infrastructure. Loss and contamination of data generally costs the organization enormous capital.

The company has launched new solutions to meet the increasing demand for on-premises infrastructure with cloud services. The new solutions are an integral part of the VMWare Cloud strategy to provide a consistent infrastructure that covers nearly all…


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