VMware and Vapor IO have announced the formation of an Open Grid Alliance, which plans a “new architecture of the Internet” based on the concept of an open grid.

Together with partners Dell Technologies, DriveNets, MobiledgeX and PacketFabric, VMware wants to change the entire concept of the Internet into one that functions as a global common platform that distributes computers, data and information as needed.

The idea is to transform the entire internet stack, including fiber optics and workload automation, to provide applications that, according to Cole Crawford, founder and CEO of Vapor IO, “simply cannot be deployed on the internet that we have today” .

The Open Grid Alliance will include industry leaders in physical infrastructure, software, virtualization, automation and applications. The alliance also aims to create working groups to facilitate discussions.

Kaniz Mahdi, vice president of advanced technologies at VMware, says that human experiences evolve from consuming content …

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