VMware, Dell Technologies, and a group of cloud and edge infrastructure companies founded the Open Grid Alliance today to promote a restructured Internet. The group, which also includes CBRE, DriveNets, MobiledgeX and PacketFabric, wants the Internet to converge on the edge as a common platform for distributed computation, data and information.

The alliance intends to leverage the expertise and resources of technology companies that traverse the entire network stack, including infrastructure hardware, SDN, virtualization, automation, and applications, to develop a broader framework and principles for interoperable technologies.

“In today’s technology landscape, all of the action takes place on the sidelines. The list of interactive applications that distributed edge computing enables is growing. And yet, if we look closely at many of them, we come to an inevitable conclusion: there isn’t a single place for the edge. It’s nowhere. But everywhere, ”said Kaniz.

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