Sustainability got a lot in the press over the past year. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has published a monumental report, based on more than 14,000 pieces of scientific research, detailing what will happen if mankind does not immediately get greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions under control. The main message was that if we don’t make rapid progress towards carbon neutrality, extreme weather conditions, the destruction of habitats for animals, glacier melt and the resulting rise in sea levels will accelerate dramatically.

To this end, VMware is excited to lead the Next G Alliance working group focused on sustainable next-generation cellular networks. The group is called Green G and is led by myself, Marie-Paule Odini (HP Enterprise) and Micaela Guihat (Microsoft). Dozens of member companies (including VMware, which contributed a lot of content) have worked hard over the past year to bring the first …


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