VMware, provider of virtualization and cloud solutions, recently announced the results of the UAE from the fourth edition of the Global Security Insights Report, based on an online survey of 3,542 CIOs, CTOs and CISOs in December 2020 from around the world, including 250 in the UAE. The report examines the impact of cyber attacks and security breaches on businesses and describes how security teams are adapting to these challenges.

Nearly 80% of the UAE companies surveyed experienced cyberattacks as more employees were working from home, highlighting the weaknesses in outdated security technology and attitudes.

“The race to adopt cloud technology since the beginning of the pandemic offers business leaders a unique opportunity to rethink their approach to cybersecurity,” said Rick McElroy, principal cybersecurity strategist at VMware. “Old security systems are no longer sufficient. Organizations need protection that extends beyond endpoints to workloads to …

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