VMware this week added a Virtual Machine Services for VMware vSphere 7 with Tanzu, which enables IT teams that distribute Kubernetes from VMware to programmatically provision a virtual machine.

According to Sheldon D’Paiva, Director Product Marketing at VMware, the offer complements the existing ability to call storage and network services programmatically via the Kubernetes Application Programming Interface (API). DevOps teams can now self-service Kubernetes namespaces.

Most instances of Kubernetes are already deployed on a virtual machine to ensure isolation between workloads. VMware vSphere 7 with Tanzu takes this deployment option one step further by embedding Kubernetes in the virtual machine’s hypervisor. In some use cases, VMware claims that this approach results in workloads that are 8-10% faster than bare metal machines, largely due to the scheduling software included with VMware vSphere 7.

VMware vSphere 7 with Tanzu is one of the …

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