NEW DELHI: Cloud computing company VMware remains optimistic about India in the medium to long term as the country serves as a major market and a hotbed of talent for the US company, a senior official said. The company is sticking to its $ 2 billion investment plan announced in 2018 for the Indian market and continues to strengthen its workforce in the country.

VMware India Vice President and MD Pradeep Nair said that VMware sells its solutions to customers in the Indian market, but it is also a key location where it manufactures products.

“We offer this capability in several areas and serve customers all over the world. So the focus is very much on India … The idea that we have so many talented engineers close to our most demanding customers has always been “very helpful,” he said.

The fact that India is such a hotbed for product development in all companies just tied in with this convergence, he added.

“We’re probably touching the …


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