VMware releases vSphere+ and vSAN+ to improve on-premises infrastructure


VMware has released two new offerings, vSphere+ and vSAN+, to help companies extend their on-premises infrastructure with the benefits of the cloud by providing centralized cloud-based infrastructure management, Kubernetes integration and access to new Deliver hybrid cloud services.

According to the company, vSphere+ and vSAN+ are offered via a flexible subscription model. They are designed to help organizations accelerate their transformation by bringing the benefits of cloud computing to their existing on-premises infrastructure and workloads.

In a press release, VMware describes both solutions as an integral part of its VMware cloud strategy to provide a consistent infrastructure with value-added functions in distributed environments.

Essentially, vSphere+ and vSAN+ enable organizations to enable add-on hybrid cloud services that address key use cases for mission-critical applications running on-premises, including disaster recovery and ransomware protection.

The new offerings will…


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