VMware Ranked #1 in Global IT Automation and Configuration Management for…


VMware, Inc. VMW today announced that leading analyst firm IDC has ranked VMware #1 in the global IT automation and configuration management (ITACM) software market for 2021. As industry demands shift for IT automation and configuration management software to streamline applications and infrastructure that are digital and customer-facing applications in dynamic environments, VMware is committed to supporting customers in this transition.

“For the fifth consecutive year, our customers have helped VMware top the list in global IT automation and configuration,” said Purnima Padmanabhan, senior vice president and general manager, cloud management, VMware. “VMware continues to invest in multi-cloud automation and management solutions that enable enterprises to automate and refine the entire cloud operations lifecycle and more easily address the opportunities and challenges of today’s rapidly changing market environment.”

Maintaining leadership in IT automation…

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