Drive the crypto boom with these 3 stocks

Around 15% of the American public owns some form of cryptocurrency – and a large part of that group has jumped on the bandwagon in the past two years. The digital currencies – Bitcoin is the most famous, but there are many others – offer users a number of advantages based on their blockchain technology. First, the crypto coins are safe – as a digital technology, blockchain is known to be hard to break. Second, the coins have the main characteristic of any store of value: scarcity. There is a mathematical limit to how many Bitcoin, for example, will ever exist – and that limit is what gives them their value. People want safe online currency, are willing to pay for it, and relatively rare compared to traditional fiat currencies, crypto coins offer both of these qualities. The result has been a boom over the past few years as investors began to get serious about the crypto sector. Of course, any digital currency works …

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