VMware’s lawsuit against its former chief operating officer and new Nutanix CEO Rajiv Ramaswami could disrupt Nutanix’s strategy and market momentum in 2021, according to channel partners.

“This is having a big impact on Nutanix this year as it basically means that the brand new leader looking to take creative control and build a more profitable company is being scrutinized by the VMware legal team,” said a top executive at VMware Channel- Partner who refused to be named and who also has experience as a manager at large IT providers. “Bringing a former employee to the Supreme Court who accuses them of wrongdoing in your company is very serious and it will likely take at least some time and resources [Ramaswami] at a time when he probably wants to get started right away. “

VMware has filed a lawsuit against Ramaswami in the California Supreme Court on charges of meeting with Nutanix executives to …


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