The latest downsizing at VMware comes amid leadership changes.

The downsizing at VMware this month affected more than 300 employees as part of the company’s recent layoff.

VMware has a global workforce of 33,000, which is still less than 1%. Still, no consolation for those who are now unemployed.

A VMware spokesperson confirmed the cuts, but pointed out that the number is much lower than the 1,600 openings posted on its website.

“This is part of the regular workforce adjustments that ensure that the resources in VMware’s global companies and regions are aligned with strategic goals and customer needs,” said the spokesman. “We have an active employee support program to ensure that all affected employees find new positions at VMware or outside the company where possible. We continue to hire in areas that are strategically important to the company. “

Last August, several VMware channel managers were among the nearly 150 employees who started their jobs as …

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