VMware is moving to a subscription-based business model


VMware is transitioning to a subscription-based business model and will launch vSphere+ and vSAN+ in late July 2022, the company said at an online news conference in Asia-Pacific.

There are many subscription-based models that are appealing to customers, and this is an industry trend, said Krish Prasad, senior corporate vice president and general manager for Cloud Platform Business and Cloud Infrastructure Business Group at VMware. Various cloud services integrated by VMware, including cloud computing products developed by Amazon, Microsoft and Google, are provided on a subscription basis, Prasad noted, adding that the VMware Cloud Provider program is also based on a subscription model.

VMware’s business has evolved from server and CPU virtualization to data center virtualization and is currently focused on multi-cloud strategies and efficient workload delivery, Prasad said. In particular, Project Arctic announced at VMworld in 2021…


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