VMware has been working on its Telco Cloud Platform for several years. It was launched commercially under this name in June 2020. The platform enables service providers to update their core networks. VMware already has a number of well-known customers for the platform, including Dish Network, Vodafone and Rogers Communications.

Today VMware is expanding its Telco Cloud Platform to include the Radio Access Network (RAN).

With the updates, service providers can virtualize their RAN functions and switch to an open RAN architecture.

When asked which RAN functions would be affected, Lakshmi Mandyam, Vice President of Product Management at VMware for the service provider and the Edge team, said that the software will initially cover the functions of the central unit (CU) and the distributed unit (DU). would virtualize.

“The first phase is to virtualize these RAN installations so you can deliver differentiated applications,” said Mandyam. In addition to virtualization, the platform takes on virtual machines and containers …


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