VMware : Highlighting Real SD-WAN Deployments at VMware Explore Event


Guest post by Zeus Kerravala, Founder and Principal Analyst, ZK Research

Recently, VMware held its Explore (formerly known as VMworld) user conference. As you might expect, much of the show focused on virtualization and other technologies related to computing, but over the years VMware has developed a strong SD-WAN solution. In 2017, the company acquired VeloCloud and used it as the foundation for its current VMware SD-WAN™ offering. The event had several sessions on this topic. One of the more interesting was Build SD-WAN use cases for enterprise, government, home, cloud and beyondas it provided actual customer examples of SD-WAN deployments.

What is included in VMware SD-WAN and how does it help the business?

The session began by explaining why SD-WAN is needed. Networks are becoming increasingly complex due to diverse multi-cloud environments and distributed all-from…

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