VMware Fusion is now bringing Windows 11 to Intel and Apple Silicon Macs


vmware fusion windows 11 on mac

VMware Fusion virtualization software has received a new update that brings support for Windows 11 to Macs with Intel and even Apple Silicon. The new update is available as a free technical preview and will help Mac users run Windows 11. Here are the details you should know.

Windows 11 on Macs with VMware!

Vmware says the Fusion’s ability to run Windows 11 on Macs is a long time in the works and includes several improvements and new features. This can also work with other virtual machines (VMs). For those who don’t know, a virtual machine is system software that can mimic another computer system on another, in this case Microsoft’s Windows 11 on Apple’s Mac devices.

vmware fusion windows 11 on mac

It comes with the enhanced virtual TPM (Trusted Platform Module) with fast encryption, automatic key generation and key storage via keychain and can be used on any VM as long as it supports fast encryption. This only encrypts important files, similar to the actual…


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