VMware Fusion Beta joins Parallels in supporting Windows VMs on Apple Silicon


VMWare Fusion runs on a Mac Studio.
Enlarge / VMWare Fusion runs on a Mac Studio.

The transition from Intel to Apple Silicon Macs has been smooth for most software, thanks to Rosetta 2 compatibility software and app developers who have been quick to add Apple Silicon support to their software. However, the ability to run Windows and Windows apps, either directly on the hardware via Boot Camp or via a virtual machine, is still not officially supported.

But vendors of paid virtualization software have been working to close this gap. Parallels Desktop 17 will run the ARM version of Windows 11 in a virtual machine, and yesterday VMware released a beta version of VMware Fusion 12 that can do the same.

VMware’s blog post details some of the changes they’ve made to support Windows 11, many of which run in parallel with Parallels’ work. To meet Windows 11’s TPM requirement, the software creates an encrypted file that is used to store the…


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