VMware Fusion adds Macs M1 and M2 chips to support Windows 11 with M2


The developers of the hypervisor VMware Fusion announced support for Windows on Macs with Intel or Apple Silicon processors.

So far, the breakthrough that allowed Mac owners to install Windows 11 through virtualization is available as a free technical preview of the software.

Other features of the new VMware Fusion app include support for Windows 11 with 2D GFX and networking, VMtools on Windows with Apple Syllaphones, better Linux support and more.

While VMware Fusion for Mac with Apple Silicon is still in development, the hypervisor has certain limitations.

  • Fusion does not support cross-architecture (c.-à-d. no x86_64 VMs on M1 Mac);
  • MacOS virtual machines are not included in the release.
  • Open source 32.04 and 25.04 (released on July 5th) is not loading yet.

The VMware Fusion Tech Preview is available for website developers to download.

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