VMware Fusion 13 now available with support for running Windows 11 on Apple…


VMware has announced the official launch of Fusion 13, a major update to its virtualization software that adds native support for Apple Silicon. This is the first release of VMware Fusion to offer Apple Silicon support in final form, although the company previously tested the feature in beta.

This update allows users with Macs with Apple Silicon and Intel to run operating systems like Windows 11 in a virtual machine, giving you the Windows 11 experience right next to macOS. Apple Silicon processors require Mac users to run the ARM version of Windows 11. Like macOS, Widows 11 also offers emulation capabilities for running Intel versions of apps:

At Apple Silicon, we unveiled our first round of features for Windows 11 on Arm. In this release, VMware Tools offers virtual graphics and networking, with more to come. Windows 11 looks amazing with certified and signed drivers and set the resolution to 4K and higher!

However for…

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