VMware Fusion 13 now available on Intel and Apple Silicon Macs


The VMware Fusions 13 product line is now available on Intel-based and Apple Silicon Macs. With the new Fusion 13 Pro and Fusion 13 Player, Intel and Apple Silicon Macs can run Windows 11 through virtualization.

Earlier this year, the VMware Fusion 22H2 Tech Preview update was released released to the public with support for Windows 11 on Intel and Apple Silicon Macs, including VMtools installation for Windows on Apple Silicon and Intel Macs, Windows 11 support with 2D GFX and networking, and much more.

VMware Fusion 13 brings new features to the Windows 11 experience on Intel and Apple Silicon Macs

Here are the new features available on Intel and Apple Silicon Macs running VMware Fusion 13:

  • Apple Silicon Macs
    • The new Virtual Trusted Platform Module (2.0) offers virtual graphics and network, 4K resolution. However, VMware Fusion 13 requires the ARM version of Windows 11 and the x86/Intel version of Windows is not supported.
    • vTPM 2.0+ offers fast encryption with support for storing…

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