VMware Facilitates App Modernization with Official Launch of Tanzu Application…


Virtualization software giant VMware Inc. is welcoming developers’ shift to building on top of the Kubernetes software container orchestrator with the launch of its Tanzu application platform, which is generally available today.

The Tanzu application platform was first announced in September in beta testing mode. It is an application modernization toolkit that includes various components that developers can use to build, deploy, and manage applications that run on Kubernetes.

As VMware explained in a blog post, the Tanzu application platform offers a rich set of developer tools along with a “out-of-the-box path to production” that enables users to quickly and securely build and deploy software to any public cloud platform or on-premises Kubernetes cluster . This means companies can build revenue-generating applications faster because developers spend less time piecing together the various components needed to get them up and running, the company says.

Kubernetes is open source software…



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