As VMware’s fearless CEO Pat Gelsinger joins Intel and Dell Technologies to consider outsourcing his controlling stake in VMware later this year, virtualization superstar joins veteran technology entrepreneur and venture capitalist Ken Denman to its board of directors .

Denman is a venture partner at Sway Ventures, but was previously the co-founder and CEO of Emotient, an artificial intelligence startup that analyzes facial expressions that Apple acquired in 2016. He was also CEO of software communications specialist Openwaves Systems and cloud-based service manager and Wi-Fi company iPass, for which he led a successful IPO in 2003.

“Ken is a seasoned technologist and corporate director with deep roots in software, mobile and AI technologies,” said Paul Sagan, VMware’s lead independent board member and chairman of the compensation and corporate governance committee, in a statement.

Sagan Now Leading VMware’s Worldwide Search for a New …


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