VMware Inc. announced today that it has added a new product to its Tanzu portfolio that can be used to build and manage modern containerized applications.

VMware Tanzu Advanced is designed to build on VMware Tanzu Standard and focus more on DevSecOps, a set of methodologies that combine software development and information technology. The aim of DevSecOps is to shorten the life cycle of the system development and to guarantee a continuous supply with high software quality.

According to VMware in a blog post, the new product is a full stack with modular functions that puts the developer experience in the foreground and at the same time brings security deeper into the container life cycle.

One of the main advantages of VMware Tanzu Advanced is that it is easier to centrally manage Kubernetes clusters in different clouds and teams. Kubernetes is open source software used to orchestrate large clusters of containers that are used to encapsulate applications so that they can run on many types of …


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