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Analyst firms S&P Global Market Intelligence and Gartner both gave negative views on Broadcom’s acquisition of VMware.

S&P surveyed VMware customers and found that 44 percent were neutral about the transaction and 40 percent expressed negative feelings.

However, when the analyst combined the numbers for current VMware and Broadcom customers, 56 percent were negative. More than a quarter rated the response to the deal as “extremely negative”.

One reason S&P cited for this response was “potential impact on software license terms. Here is the list of analysts with other concerns raised by users:

S&P Global Market Intelligence VMware User Survey

S&P Global Market Intelligence

VMware User Survey Results. click to enlarge

Analyst group Gartner’s thoughts on the deal focus on likely price hikes and how best to avoid them.

In a document titled “Quick Response: How Should VMware Customers Prepare for the Broadcom Acquisition?”…

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