VMware announced on Wednesday the launch of a new platform that combines two products for end-to-end application connectivity. The Modern Apps Connectivity platform combines the Tanzu Service Mesh from VMware with the Advanced Load Balancer from NSX.

The new offering is designed to help companies address the challenges they face when trying to bring new, modernized applications into production. In particular, it can provide them with a platform for managing connectivity and security in hybrid environments and hybrid app architectures.

“People think that the move to Kubernetes and a modern app transformation is a greenfield thing,” Pere Monclus, CTO of VMware, told ZDNet. However, he said, “As companies get the environment up and running, they find that networking and security functions don’t just work on Kubernetes. How do you connect to VMs, existing applications, and cloud services that you might be using. That was the great success. ” We have a gap …

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