VMware predicts that work-from-home will be a phenomenon that will last long after the pandemic. Hence, three of its products are combined to meet the requirement and the combined trio called VMware Anywhere Workspace.

Shankar Iyer, SVP and GM for end-user computing at VMware, said on a call to the media that 2020 has seen a dramatic shift to remote work. “We believe this will lead to an organization everywhere that is far more than just remote working,” said Iyer.

VMware has commissioned some studies that found that many employees will work in a hybrid mode – part-time remote and part-time in the office – and continue to evolve. These studies concluded that 61% of people believe that working remotely is no longer an asset, but a requirement. And the vast majority of employees say it is the responsibility of the employer to provide adequate access to the necessary digital tools to enable remote working.

To meet the expected demand, the company brings together three of its technologies: 1) …


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