VMware CEO unveils major changes amid multi-cloud shift


SAN FRANCISCO – Over the next five years, VMware plans to transform from a virtualization provider to a multi-cloud infrastructure provider to attract a new generation of developers.

The remake, which has already begun, will transform the company’s products, strategic direction and marketing, top executives said. The transition was already evident in cloud-focused tracks at this week’s VMware Explore conference.

Driving VMware’s dramatic transformation is the explosion of cloud development in the company’s customer base. Today, 75% of VMware customers use at least two public clouds and 40% at least three, CEO Rangarajan Raghuram said during an analyst briefing at Explore.

As a result, VMware plans to target its products to developers building applications on AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud today and in the future.

“It’s those teams that we want to attract because those are the teams that we build the products for,” Raghuram said. “This will be the future…

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