VMware has expanded its VMware Carbon Black Cloud Workload capabilities to help InfoSec and DevOps teams secure containerized applications in Kubernetes environments.

With the new capabilities, InfoSec and DevOps teams can integrate security into the Continuous Integration and Delivery (CI / CD) pipeline, according to VMware. This allows these teams to analyze and manage application risks before they go into production.

Kubernetes Container Security: Key Features

VMware Carbon Black Cloud’s new workload capabilities include:

  • Automation of compliance guidelines: Allows InfoSec and DevOps teams to automate policy creation based on industry standards and organizational requirements
  • Scanning and hardening of container images: Allows InfoSec and DevOps teams to scan container images to identify vulnerabilities and limit the registrations and repositories allowed in production
  • Risk assessment: Allows InfoSec and DevOps teams to review images that are in …

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