VMware buys Carbon Black and Pivotal for $4.8 billion. Iceland raises $115…



EY opens cybersecurity centers in New Zealand amid escalating cyber threats (Security Brief New Zealand) EY says it is opening two of its globally recognized cybersecurity centers, one in Auckland and the second in Wellington, with a potential third in Christchurch.

Zuckerberg has a plan to save Meta, but can he convince his own staff? (The edge) “Realistically, there’s probably a lot of people at the company who shouldn’t be here.”

Startups that get hired quickly learn the virtue of slowing down (The information) Sometimes slow and steady wins the race. Startups that raised big bucks — and avoided spending sprees — in the boom years are now looking smart as venture capital funding dries up. One measure of whether startups can survive the current downturn is how many employees they have relative to…

Zscaler downgrade hits cybersecurity stocks as BTIG sees signs of slowdown (NASDAQ:ZS) (I’m looking for Alpha) Zscaler (ZS) shares more than 9% on Tuesday as…

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