VMware brings it all together


Lorna Hardie, Regional General Manager, VMware Sub-Saharan Africa.

Managing multicloud just got a lot easier; this is the key message from VMware’s vFORUM, held in Sandton and used to reflect announcements from the recent VMware Explore event in the US.

β€œThe biggest message from Explore was that we launched projects last year. This year is about how we landed them as products,” said Lorna Hardie, VMware regional director, sub-Saharan Africa, opening the local event.

With the move toward digitization and increasing adoption of clouds, specific skill gaps and organizational silos, there is a need to eliminate complexities and move to an intelligent cloud model, she says. “There are specific capabilities for each of the different clouds, but VMware has created a common platform for the cloud, unburdening developers and allowing them to work in any environment and on any cloud.”

Multicloud offers significant benefits to organizations such as:

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