VMware : Announcing the Energy Efficiency Calculator for VMware Cloud Director


In recent times, we have seen a sharp rise in organizations and companies recognizing and focusing on the importance of sustainable energy in light of the Paris Agreement, which aims to level greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions as quickly as possible and become greenhouse gas neutral in the world second half of this century. Organizations make similar, or sometimes aggressive, commitments to their home countries. As a result, these organizations follow strict energy audits and require their suppliers and service providers to do the same.

Surveys show that more than 80% of companies believe that the sustainability of their data centers is important. The study also shows that more than 40% of companies consider a provider’s commitment to ESG results to be very important when selecting an IaaS/PaaS provider. (451 VotE report).

VMware is committed to helping partners and customers reduce the environmental impact of their digital…

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