Half a dozen cloud and edge players led by VMware and Vapor IO have launched the Open Grid Alliance to reshape the Internet by weaving disparate cloud and telecommunications networks into a seamless structure that resembles the power grid .

Although network activity is increasingly marginalized, Vapor IO CEO Cole Crawford said that heavy traffic handovers still happen in a few centralized locations in the United States. He noticed that traffic often has to travel hundreds of kilometers to get to a connection point.

“If we ever see optimized low-latency network handover” for use cases like factory automation or autonomous robotics, “physics comes into play at some point, and that’s why this is so important … the need for the Internet. More places are here and now,” he said .

The idea is to develop a new, software-defined network system that supports multi-cloud, hybrid-cloud, near-prem and on-prem services, with connectivity and computing resources offered when needed …


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