VMware‌ and‌ ‌Vapor‌ IO‌ collaborate on a multi-cloud service grid to help developers and service providers deliver custom grid services on demand.

The main goal of the collaboration is to simplify the deployment of distributed 5G systems and real-time applications by weaving cloud and edge environments into a unified framework that enables resources to be distributed over a common infrastructure as required.

“Today’s Internet is too static, too isolated, and too unpredictable to deliver latency-sensitive applications like immersive games,” said Kaniz Mahdi, vice president of advanced technologies, VMware.

“What we need instead is a grid that can virtualize and aggregate edge resources across multiple clouds and locations for any set of latency and jitter constraints at any time.”

With Multi-Cloud Services Grid, resources are hyper-composed at the precise moment they are needed by the application. For example, if an application …

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