VMware and Vapor IO announced that they are building a multi-cloud services grid that integrates the VMware Telco cloud platform with Vapor IO’s Kinetic Grid platform, enabling developers and service providers to offer grid services on- Demand to create.

The aim of the collaboration is to significantly simplify the provision of distributed 5G systems and real-time applications and to reduce costs by combining multiple cloud and edge environments into a unified framework that provides resources for needs-based use across a common infrastructure can.

“Today’s Internet is too static, too isolated, and too unpredictable to deliver latency-sensitive applications like immersive games,” said Kaniz Mahdi, vice president of advanced technologies, VMware. “What we need instead is a grid that can virtualize and aggregate edge resources across multiple clouds and locations for any set of latency and jitter constraints at any time.”

The multi-cloud services grid is the …

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