“We wanted a name that was simple and didn’t give any indication of what genre we were playing in. Sometimes when you hear the name of a band you know exactly what genre they’re going to be in, and we wanted to avoid that. We could go in any direction we felt, ”he says Devin Richie, Addressing the name of the SLC band Herring.

Ultimately, this quote embodies exactly what Herring represents through his sound – a unique separation from the genre identification. The five-piece ensemble creates sounds that don’t fit into a particular category. “What you hear – especially with the new songs we write – is the union of all our ideas into one song that we love,” says band member Lexie Wilson. Hering’s music is a meeting of the sounds with which each individual band member identifies. The end result is a multi-genre tracklist that can appeal to anyone who appreciates passionate musical talent and good vibes.

Hering started in 2017 as a duo project, consisting of …

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