Whenever virtualization comes to mind, we think of two tools, namely – Virtual box and VMware. Both tools allow us to run multiple operating systems on our laptop / computer at the same time without having to update the main operating system. It is made by most of the people for both professional and personal use. And since the launch of Windows 11, it has become a talking point in tech town. Now let’s try to compare these two tools and highlight their main attributes.

VirtualBox vs. VMware features:

Virtual box

A very popular and trending tool for virtualization, let’s take a look at its features:

  1. It supports cross-platform virtualization.
  2. It has the function of guest additions.
  3. Guest multiprocessing is also available here.
  4. It has support for USB devices.
  5. APCI is also supported here.
  6. You also get multi-screen resolutions.
  7. iSCSCI is integrated here.
  8. In contrast to VMware, you can create backups in the VirtualBox. The system can also be reverted to a previous state. Data however …

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