The Quantico Cyber ​​Hub is located at 1010 Corporate Drive in Stafford.

Virginia Tech is committed to teaching cybersecurity to professionals here in our backyard.

The Cyber ​​Bytes Foundation at the Quantico Corporate Center in Stafford will work with the Virginia Tech Richmond Center to teach data analytics and cybersecurity. The training program will be introduced in the next two months. It is aimed at working adults who want to upgrade their skills.

“We have many cyber practitioners in the area and this program is designed to help them do their jobs better,” said Matt Weaver, a spokesman for the Cyber ​​Bites Foundation, the non-profit behind the Quantico Cyber ​​Hub. is just outside the Marine Corps Base.

The Cyber-Hub at 1010 Corporate Drive in Stafford is a human resource development center that offers technology training to adults in elementary school. The state of the art …

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