Amazon defended its decision to remove Parler from its web hosting service in response to a lawsuit filed by the social media app earlier this week.

In court files late Tuesday, Amazon said that dozens of violent content had been reported on the social media app as of November. The company argued that Parler breached its contract with Amazon’s cloud computing unit, Amazon Web Services, when the content could not be removed and that AWS suspended Parler’s account “as a last resort.”

“In this case, it’s not about suppressing language or suppressing viewpoints,” wrote Amazon in its response to Parler. “It is not about conspiracy to restrict trade. Instead, it is about Parler’s proven unwillingness and inability to remove AWS content that threatens public safety from the servers, for example by inciting and planning rape, torture and murder of named public officials and private individuals. “

Amazon pulled the plug on Parler, a social media app popular with supporters of …


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