For the Playstation 42020 was a winning round.

The end of a console cycle is usually marked by games desperately looking for new hardware to realize their potential. Perhaps developers have already started a new project that hasn’t hit the market in years, so ignoring the aging box in its final days as the star of the show. However, with an installation base of 114 million, it seems incredibly wrong to let them play little.

While for XboxThe end of the generation seemed like a chance to reset the message and copy the message off Xbox One Era, for Playstation2020 was a thank you to the millions of players who made their profit so crucial in both sales and the quality of the games.

VGC 2020 Awards

Person of the year: Phil Spencer
Innovation of the year: DualSense
Platform of the year: Playstation 4
Developer of the year: Revealed December 28th
Game of the year: Revealed December 29th

PS4 not only ended his reign as a Sony‘s top system on a high note, it set the tone for that PlayStation 5. 2020 was the culmination of a message that began at launch in 2013. A focus on blockbusters, exclusive games.

dreams is one of those games that is difficult to understand how it works. A game where you build games, Dreams has taken the ethos of Media moleculeThe PS3 hit Little Big Planet and expanded it in breathtaking ways.

2020 was permeated from video to video by the most skilled designers showing their creations with the familiar refrain “Can you believe this was done in dreams?”.

Dreams took the Little Big Planet ethos and expanded it in amazing ways.

Sony’s willingness to endorse and invest in a studio like Media Molecule comes from having them on the front foot. Without a safety net, you won’t have the opportunity to incubate something so special on this scale. This safety net is of course the stable of the first-party studios, including the boss. Naughty dog.

The last of us part 2 is a masterpiece. It’s the type of game that is only available once in a generation. Not only because of the enormous budget and the strenuous production. It is an elevation of the medium to something that can tell a compelling, deeply emotional story.

Now that the incandescent, misguided anger has subsided after the game launched, it is truly remembered as a masterpiece for the PS4, arguably only achieved by God Of War.

Much like the original The Last Of Us debuted just months before the PlayStation 4 launched, The Last Of Us 2 marks a complete mastery of a system in recent months. Naughty Dog has managed to squeeze every inch of power out of the PlayStation 4, sometimes producing images that you might think would run on a PlayStation 5.

“In a year when the focus would shift firmly to the PlayStation 5, Sony shipped the PS4 superbly in style. 2020 has shown why it shone so bright for so long.”

Ashley Johnson and Laura Bailey probably spent most of the year building cabinets for the barrage of awards they received with two performances that are difficult to overstate in their brilliance.

While the focus on independent games has disappeared from Sony’s strategy book in recent years, likely due to the Nintendo SwitchDue to its dominance as the home stadium for these games, 2020 returned in one case to the type of game that the PS4 spawned in the early years: Fall guys.

While Mediatonic As a studio, unless you were a particularly hardcore fan of the, a large number of titles have developed PlayStation Vita2020 was likely the first time it appeared on your radar. Similar to a similar PS4 success story Missile leagueFall Guys is an incredibly simple premise, it’s Takeshi’s castle with jelly beans.

Again, its inclusion as a free game on PlayStation Plus made for a massive player base, but I’m sure even the most optimistic members of the team couldn’t imagine what would happen next.

Manage over 120,000 simultaneous players steam and consider Fourteen days and League of Legends Fall Guys was an astronomical hit on Twitch. As of this writing, it’s still a PlayStation exclusive.

It’s hard to imagine a generation going better for anyone than the era of PS4 dominance for Sony. It’s the second highest-selling home console of all time, behind its older brother Playstation 2. All of this came after some announced the end times for consoles before the generation even started.

In a year when the focus would shift firmly to the PlayStation 5, Sony shipped the PS4 superbly in style.

Yes, games are still released for it, even some first party giants like it Horizon: Forbidden West are slated for PS4, but the days of being the crown jewel are over. 2020 showed why this gem shone so brightly for so long.