VESA has launched a new open standard certification program for variable refresh rate performance on PC and laptop monitors. Look for the AdaptiveSync Display and MediaSync Display logos.

In the future you may want to look not just for the AMD FreeSync and Nvidia G-Sync logos but also the new AdaptiveSync logo when buying a gaming PC monitor. 

VESA said that its testing encompasses "a comprehensive and rigorous set of more than 50 test criteria, an automated testing methodology and performance mandates for PC monitors and laptops supporting VESA’s Adaptive-Sync protocols".

- "The Adaptive-Sync Display CTS builds upon the foundation that VESA laid with the introduction of the Adaptive-Sync protocols eight years ago. It provides an open, industry-wide and brand-agnostic standard backed by a logo program that gives consumers a guarantee that the displays that they’re buying for gaming or for media playback will meet a clearly defined minimum set of front-of-screen performance criteria when used with a suitable GPU. In designing the test specification and logo program, VESA explicitly set a high bar on performance criteria and testing methodology with tighter criteria than many existing specs and logo programs. As with all of our standards, VESA will continue to develop and refine the Adaptive-Sync Display CTS to address new display developments and market needs in order to enable further improvements in visual quality and user-experience for consumers," said Roland Wooster, chairman of the VESA Display Performance Metrics Task Group.