Verizon and AT&T agree to postpone 5G plans due to airline security concerns


Verizon and AT&T announced late Monday that they had agreed to postpone the deployment of the new wireless technology for two weeks to meet demands from state aviation regulators who have raised concerns that the signals could pose a security risk to the airline.

The companies made the decision after initially rejecting a request for a delay made last week by Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg and Steve Dickson, head of the Federal Aviation Administration.

“At the request of Minister Buttigieg, we voluntarily agreed to another two-week delay in our provision of C-band 5G services,” said Kim Hart Jonson, a spokeswoman for AT&T. Rich Young, a Verizon spokesman, said the company also accepted the delay.

Ms. Jonson said AT&T is still “committed” to a proposal by the two companies to initially operate the new segment of 5G radio at lower-than-normal power, along with other measures to alleviate aviation regulatory concerns.


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