Verdant Technologies™, a recently launched technology company focused on product life extension for perishable products, announces that the European Patent Office had granted Patent No. 15 735 823.5-1107 to Verdant for the electrostatic printing process, or photocopy process, used in its growth regulator technology HarvestHold™.

The USPTO granted Verdant two patents (US 9,421,793 and 10,376,472) for its 1-MCP electrostatic printing press technology in 2016 and 2019. The addition of the EPO patent signals a milestone in protecting its revolutionary postharvest plant life extension delivery technologies as Verdant’s HarvestHold technology enters the global market.

Verdant’s patent applies to the electrostatic printing or photocopy process used in its growth regulator technology HarvestHold™.

“With the issuance of the EU patent, we continue to build a deeper and wider moat, protecting our proprietary technology and…

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